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Review: Slovakia Ring 2021

Favourites unstoppable

Franz Dziwok stays up front in the GT4 ProAM category - Credit Martin Trenkler - PSCCE

Round 2 in the Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe (PSCCE) at the Slovakia Ring with off-track challenges: Mosquito plague and thunderstorms cannot slow down favourites.

  • Duos Fast/Werndl (GT3) and Jerich/Greif (GT4) still unbeatable
  • Class wins for Dziwok, Sitniansky, Walenda and Lach
  • Next PSCCE race: on 9/10 July in Poznań

After the inaugural event at the Red Bull Ring, the Central European Porsche Sprint Challenge moved further east just two weeks later. At the Slovakia Ring near the vibrant capital of Bratislava, another challenge awaited the motivated youngsters and gentlemen in the Porsche one-make cup with an exceptional racetrack and GT3 and GT4 race cars professionally supported by Lechner Racing.

The races
Freddy Fast (AUT, Keep It Gold Racing) set a dominating best time in qualifying for his sprint race. But those who thought it would be a simple start-finish victory for the man from Salzburg in the race were wrong. His rear-view mirrors remained pretty busy for twelve laps. Opponent Alex Ellinger (AUT, Autopark Wien) in the identical Porsche 911 GT3 Cup caused beads of sweat under the helmet of the man in front, in the end he had to admit defeat by less than half a second. Markus Sedlmaier (GER, Kremer Racing) was also able to keep up well in the early stages of the race, but he outbreaked himself on lap 3 – the result was an excursion through the gravel ("Thank God I got out of there again"). As a consequence, Sedlmaier was slightly more cautions in his drive to third place in the GT3 Cup.

In the 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport, Frederick Jerich (AUT, Junior Team Central Europe) could not be beaten by any of his Clubsport colleagues in race 1. Important points in the ProAM class were secured by Franz Dziwok (POL, FA 1 Racing), who prevailed against local hero Micko Branislav (SVK, LAMA Racing) and Milan Sitniansky (CZE, Sportgarage). Behind them, too, there was a fight for every class position all the way to the finish line, for example with Holger Schick (GER, Team24 by Umbrella Racing) and Svetlana Gorbunova (RUS, #JokerRacing), who also didn´t make any presents to each other for 7th place in the GT4.

Victory in the second PSCCE sprint race at the Slovakia Ring then clearly belonged to Max Werndl (GER, Keep It Gold Racing). With his second win of the season in the second race, Werndl also remains at the top of the standings, tied on points with his team-mate Freddy Fast. Behind them double starter Ellinger and Freddy Kremer (GER, Kremer Racing) were tied into a final showdown. Although Kremer was able to set the faster lap times, Ellinger narrowly got ahead in the battle for second place shortly before the end of the race.

In the GT4 Clubsport, the winner was quickly made out: Jonas Greif (GER, Junior Team Central Europe) did not show any weakness and matched his teammate Jerich with a win and full points. Second place was in for a much hotter contest, as it was also about the class win in the ProAM: Dziwok and Sitniansky showed good racing, fought for quite a few laps before Sitniansky passed the Pole on the brakes in turn 1. Leo Willert (AUT, Heizer Monkeys Racing Team), who won the ProAM in Spielberg, had to retire after a "racing incident" with Tomasz Lach (POL, LAVA Racing) due to a bent tie rod. The class wins in GT4 AM went to Tomasz Lach and Maciej Walenda (both POL, LAVA Racing).

100 Miles of Slovakia
The endurance race with driver change in the middle of the race as usual offered a lot of spectacle. While Max Werndl in the GT3 tried to get away from Sedlmaier at the front, there was a lot of movement in the GT4 field: Florian Janits (AUT, FA 1 Racing) overtook Jerich once in lap 1, behind him Branislav pushed hard and made up three places. Towards the end of their stint, all the drivers struggled with visibility, as a plethora of mosquitoes made life difficult for the male and female racers. After the pit stops including intensive cleaning of the windscreens, the midday heat at the Slovakia Ring was almost traditionally followed by a thunderstorm in the evening. When gale-force winds came up and the sky darkened, Greif passed the leading Dziwok to win the GT4 class. The Austrian Jakob Schober (as Willert's teammate) did the same as in Spielberg and showed a furious chase, which this time was enough for ProAM class rank 3. At the front, however, Werndl/Fast cheered over Endurance victory number 2 this season.

Racing continues on 9/10 July in Poland. The Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe will then be held for the second time at the Tor Poznań circuit.

Frederick Jerich (Sprint and Endurance GT4 Clubsport Slovakia Ring 2021 winner):
"The weekend went very well. In my sprint race I was able to look after the tyres towards the end and take five to eight tenths out. I was quite happy about that, because the demanding Slovakia Ring is hard work with temperatures of up to 70 degrees in the car."

Micko Branislav (3rd place Sprint GT4 Clubsport Slovakia Ring 2021).
"Although I come from Slovakia, I don't know the track that well - more from sim racing. I wasn't so strong in qualifying, but I was all the more aggressive in the race. Now I'm incredibly proud to be able to show my friends the trophies."

Nicole Nagel (Porsche Motorsport Representative):
"At Porsche, we look after a total of 28 one-make cups worldwide, and the PSCCE occupies a very special place among them. At the events organised by Lechner Racing, the entire race day is dedicated to the Porsche brand. Only here do talented young drivers fight with ambitious gentlemen in a family environment."

Robert Lechner (Sporting Director PSCCE):
"Of course, there are fights for positions and hard racing, but at the latest at the barbecue and a beer, people are already laughing together again – that's what characterises the PSCCE, no matter where we go. The event at the Slovakia Ring is always great for us, the partnership is just as professional as the race track itself. We'll be happy to come again!"


Franz Dziwok stays up front in the GT4 ProAM category - Credit Martin Trenkler - PSCCE
GT4 AM winners Walenda-Lach are coming ... and the rain - Credit Martin Trenkler - PSCCE
GT4 Sprint winner Frederick Jerich - Credit Martin Trenkler - PSCCE
Local hero Micko Branislav finishes in the top-3 - Credit Martin Trenkler - PSCCE
Setting the pace in GT3, Keep It Gold Racing - Credit Martin Trenkler - PSCCE
Start of a new challenge - Credit Martin Trenkler - PSCCE
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